About ABC

I've been involved in the tattooing and piercing industry for over five years, having worked in tattoo studios as "Front of House" staff and later training as a Body Piercer.

Over the last 5 years I've gathered tons of knowledge and experience, as well as some of the best contacts and suppliers in the UK piercing and tattoo trade to be able to put so many amazing products all in one place here!

The vision of Alternative Beauty Collective is to make a "one stop alternative shop", starting online and at various tattoo conventions, and later on the High St. in my very own retail store with a difference!

Here you'll find a massive range of high quality body jewellery for most piercings, the best selection of ear weights and ear saddles/platform spreaders in the UK, tattoo, piercing and laser removal aftercare products and a whole host of earrings, cute jewellery and alternative style accessories including clothing, stickers, pins & patches and even decorative & fun items to bring that "alt look" to the space you call home.
Alternative Beauty Collective has everything from Himalayan Salt lamps, tealight candle holders and soaps, incense and incense burners/holders, soy wax candles, artisan soaps, coffin and "Gothic" pentagram shelves and accessories, Witch items such as sage smudges, crystals, altar tables, spell casting candles and cauldrons.

It's all in one place.
It's as easy as ABC!

Thanks for the support.


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