Brass Ganesha Hindu elephant God ear stretcher weight. 3D Ganesh figure, can be worn in any stretched ear 4mm or above
Brass Ganesh/Ganesha Hindu elephant Go ear stretching weight. Can be worn in any stretched ear 4mm or above, weight: 41gms

Brass Hindu Elephant God Ganesha Ear Weight

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Brass Ganesha Hindu & Buddhist elephant God ear weight.

Ganesha, or "Ganesh", is known as the ancient elephant headed God in Hindu culture, also seen in Buddhism as Vināyaka, and is the God of wisdom and learning and seen as the remover of obstacles.

Weight: 41 grammes

Gauge: 4mm
Can be worn in any stretched ear 4mm or bigger.

Approx. size: 22mm x 42mm

Sold individually.
Weights should be worn for decoration and are not recommended as a method of stretching your ear.
Weights should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or contact with water.

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