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Druzy Crystal Geode Brass Spiral Ear Weight

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Druzy crystal geode semi-precious gemstone ear stretcher hanging weight on 4mm brass spiral.

There's not many words to describe these druzy crystal geode ear weights other than... WOW! 

A stunning druzy crystal geode wrapped in brass and suspended from a 4mm brass ear spiral.

Each one is "handed" ("Eared"?) to face the correct way in your chosen ear so make sure you select the side you need from the drop down options.

Weight: 15 grammes.

Gauge: 4mm
Can be worn in any stretched ear 4mm or bigger.

Approx. overall length: 60mm

Sold individually.
Weights should be worn for decoration and are not recommended as a method of stretching your ear.
Weights should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or contact with water.

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