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Implant Grade Titanium 5 Gem Light Rose Pink Crystal Curved Cluster

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Stunning pink/light rose 5 jewel internally threaded medical grade titanium curved cluster suitable for upper ear piercings. Fits internally threaded 0.8mm base/labret.
Stunning 5 gem Light Rose/Pink crystal curved cluster attachment suitable for most upper ear or ear cartilage piercings such as pinna, auricle, etc. but can also be worn in tragus and elsewhere.

Medical grade titanium cluster finished with 5 stunning light rose/pink gems.

Fits any 0.8mm internally threaded base. Available separately. 
Gem sizes: 3mm, 3mm, 4mm centre, 3mm, 3mm.
Gem colour: Pink/Light Rose.

Medical Grade Titanium 6Al-4VEli ASTM:F-136.
Suitable for new or healed piercings.

Sold as individual attachment only.
Requires separate internally threaded base/stud/bar.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery.

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