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Mermaid Tail Shaped Handle Novelty Mug

Regular price £8.99
Enchanted Seas mermaid tail handle novelty coffee mug in a choice of pink or green. Comes gift boxed.
Green Enchanted Seas mermaid tail handle novelty mug. Perfect gift for mermaid lovers!
Pink Enchanted Seas mermaid tail handle character novelty mug for mermaid lovers. Comes gift boxed.

Live your best mermaid life with one of these cute mermaid tail shaped mugs.
Novelty coffee mug in the design of a mermaid tale complete with scales.

Available in turquoise or cerise colours.

Approx. size 10cm x 14.5cm x 8cm.

Comes gift boxed.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery.


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