Silver colour white brass double flared ear saddle platform spreader plug to wear with ear weights or earrings in stretched lobes. Gauges/sizes: 6mm - 30mm available.

Plain Polished Silver Colour White Brass Ear Saddle Plug

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Plain highly polished silver colour white brass ear saddle plug.

Ear saddles can be worn either as a decorative alternative to plugs or tunnels or in conjunction with weights or dangle earrings to evenly "spread" the weight across the earlobe. They're sometimes known as platform spreaders for this reason!

Gauges: 6mm - 30mm.
We usually suggest buying 1 or 2 sizes down from your usual size as the flare is quite large.

Sold individually.

If wearing with weights, weights or earrings should be worn for decoration and are not recommended as a method of stretching your ear
Weights should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or contact with water

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