Antique brass "Sasak" or "Praya" Indonesian tribal style ear stretching weight. Can be worn in any stretched ear 6mm or bigger, weight approx. 17.5gms
Sasak, Praya Indonesian hill tribe style ear stretching weight in antique style brass.

Antique Brass "Praya" Hill Tribe Ear Weight

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Antique style brass hanging ear weight similar to the styles worn by the ancient Indonesian Sasak or Praya village tribes.

Weight: 17.5 grammes

Gauge: 6mm
Can be worn in any stretched ear 6mm or bigger.

Approx. size: 30mm x 25mm

Sold individually.
Weights should be worn for decoration and are not recommended as a method of stretching your ear.
Weights should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or contact with water.

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