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Round Himalayan Rock Salt Tea Light Candle Holder

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Round Himalayan Salt tealight candle holder. Approx: 9cm tall.

Love candles and cosy nights in front of the fire? Fill the room with these round Himalayan salt tealight holders, add a candle and light up.

Himalayan Rock Salt lamps and candle holders are believed to re-energise the air around us, getting rid of positive ions in the air caused by computers, TVs and other electrical equipment, and turning it back into negative ions.

Negatively charged ions make us feel more relaxed, refreshed and invigorated so place one of these rock salt candle holders in your home or office or by your TV at night and you'll have something very pretty to burn your candles in AND hopefully feel better for it!

Size approx. 9cm tall.

Sold individually. 
Candle not included.

Note: Himalayan Rock Salt should not be licked! Yes, they are salty. 
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Contact with water can damage Himalayan Rock Salt candle holders. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery.


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