Diamond shape bend open/closed tunnel jewellery ear hanger to wear through any tunnels in stretched ears. Approx. size 37mm, sold individually.

Steel Diamond Tunnel Jewellery Ear Hanger

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Bored of plain tunnels or miss wearing "pretty jewellery" because of your stretched ears?
Grab your fave pair of tunnels and stick these diamonds through!

Smooth polished steel diamond shaped tunnel jewellery/ear hanger to wear through tunnels in any size stretched ear. Simply "bend open" the diamond, place through tunnel in your ear and bend closed.


Can be worn in any stretched ear 4mm or bigger through any choice of tunnel(s)

External diameter: Approx. 37mm

Sold individually.

Tunnel jewellery should be worn for decoration only and is not designed to be used to stretch ears. It's recommended only to wear them through tunnels.
Tunnel Jewellery/Hangers should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or showering/washing hair. 

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