Stericlens sterile saline spray piercing aftercare solution and first aid wound wash. 100ml & 240ml cans for cleaning and aftercare of new body piercings.

Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray Piercing Aftercare

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New piercing and not sure how to look after it? Stericlens it!

Stericlens is a sterile saline spray and is the only thing you should ever clean a new piercing with!
Forget tea tree oil, cold teabags, salt water, coconut oil and all the other fixes the internet or your friends tell you, you should be healing a new piercing with sterile saline spray if you use anything.

Simple to use, just remove the lid and spray a small amount directly onto the new piercing from approx. 10cm away. No dabbing, no wiping, no touching or turning of the jewellery!

Stericlens is available in two sizes: 100ml & 240ml.

Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray is preservative free and a perfect addition to any household or car first aid kit as it can also be used to clean and irrigate wounds and cuts. 

NB: Pressurised container and contents for external use only.
Do not use on our around eyes and always follow safety warnings printed on can.
Not for unsupervised use by children.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery.

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