Turquoise (dyed howlite) donut pendant type ear weight. A 6mm brass hook ear stretcher with 70mm turquoise stone suspended from chains, for stretched ears 6mm or bigger.

Turquoise Donut Brass Hook Ear Weight

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Gorgeous Turquoise (Dyed Howlite) "donut" type ear weight suspended from two brass chains and hanging from a 6mm brass ear hook type hanger.

Weight: 14.5 grammes.

Gauge: 6mm
Can be worn in any stretched ear 6mm or bigger.

Approx. Turquoise size: 40mm (Each stone varies slighty)

Sold individually.
Weights should be worn for decoration and are not recommended as a method of stretching your ear.
Weights should always be removed before sleeping, exercise or contact with water.

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